June 28, 2016

Vandal Restaurant

Finally got to try this restaurant that I've been hearing about everywhere. Took my sisters out for Sunday Dinner at this place and it's okay in my book. The decor and ambiance is really cool, our favorite part was definitely the Photo Booth LOL of course that was our favorite.

**Slay trick or you get eliminated

June 27, 2016

Dumbo, BK

BK, I love you !

June 26, 2016

MDW '16

Growing up my family was [is still] very big on family get togethers and or family road trips, these days it's a lot harder for all of us to make time for each other because all of our schedules vary, some work weekends, night shifts, etc.  Our parents, aunts and uncles couldn't make it because of prior engagements but we (us cousins) decided to go anyway and now plan to continue the tradition.  We went to Tannersville, NY about two hours away and we rented an entire house.  We had fun, all the kids had fun, it was a great weekend, last minute my parents decided to come visit us and even cooked for us and then they went home on their merry way that very same night lol it's like they knew we were struggling to make our favorite dishes. My dad to the rescue <3 center="">

During the trip, we hiked, caught anxiety a little bit because my cousins like to live on the Edge literally, boys will be boys man.  The boys played a couple of games of basketball, we did the whole human wagon relay race (husband & I lost) LMAO. the video is hysterical. lolololll  Overall, it was a great weekend and we're actually planning to do the same thing for Labor Day Weekend. 

Kaaterskills Falls; truly breathtaking !

May 24, 2016

Cousinly Bonding

Growing up, it was our normal routine to always be out and about as a family, even if it means, we'd just be driving out to Long Island almost three cars deep just to go to the mall or apple picking or something fun.  Now that me, my sisters and my cousins are all grown up with families of our own, we plan on continuing the tradition.  

On this lovely Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Martha Clara Vineyards and had so much fun. 

May 20, 2016

The Cloisters

Another Saturdate with my husband, this time at The Cloisters!