September 12, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Summer is not officially over yet and I hope it lingers on a little while longer.  But it was indeed a very busy summer, every weekend was jammed packed with either a birthday to go to, a BBQ, weddings, road trips, etc. Of course it's always great times but I'm excited to finally have the time to catch my breath, relax a bit and maybe upload pictures from last christmas and update this blog on a regular basis lol.

Here's a quick outfit post from early August.
Blazer & Grey Tee: H&M, Shorts: Levi's, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Gap


August 14, 2014

Road Trip Essentials

So at the end of this month, my boyfriend and I are off to another road trip, this time we're going to Canada for my cousin's wedding.  My parents and sisters are going too but in their own cars.  So these are the items that I usually always pack first. It's not shown here, but my huge vintage dslr camera is actually already in the leopard bag lol. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy to have so many different cameras on me, including my iphone. HA! Right now though, the gopro has been my most used camera for both videos and pictures, I don't know why I ever hesitated buying this before, it's the most versatile camera ever! Although, all the extra accessories can get a bit pricey.  

August 07, 2014

Sister's Night Out

A post that's way overdue, this Sister's Night Out actually happened on June 29th and I'm just now getting to these pictures.  We all met by my sister, Kathleen's job and then headed to The Plaza to eat Luke's Lobster lol fancy right? I didn't even know they had Luke's Lobster in there among other various vendors.  Sadly, after having a lobster roll, our sister's night  out had to be cut short because evidently, I'm allergic to lobster and I got really sick from it to the point where my boyfriend had to pick me up from the city. But prior to me feeling sick, I still had a great time with my sisters, we went to Empire Hotel Rooftop & Lounge and had a great view from up there. I definitely need to make it up to my sisters and next time, no lobster rolls for me =(

Before I started feeling sick

watched a great sunset though before I left for the night

August 04, 2014

All White Ensemble

For our little date night in Virginia, I wanted my entire outfit to only focus on the shoes, it definitely deserved its shining moment (dramatic much? lol).


Now lets focus on these shoes shall we? For those that don't know, these shoes are by Monika Chiang and they have been sold out everywhere, EVERYWHERE! I first laid eyes on them back in November and was going to get them for my birthday but didn't, and I still don't know why I didn't get them then but ever since I've searched high and low for them.  I was definitely heartbroken when I finally went back for them in May and sadly found out that the store closed down.  So of course typical me, when I want something, I won't stop until I get it.  I always find a way to get it and finally just two weeks ago, after stalking ebay for months, I finally found them and immediately bought them!  DREAM COME TRUE! LOL! 

August 03, 2014


Last weekend, the bf and I took a little road trip to Virginia and Washington D.C. Not bad of a drive at all (even though he drove the entire time lol).  We always need a few days just to ourselves to keep the relationship interesting, ya know? For this trip, of course I had my list of things I wanted us to do and luckily, he is always down for whatever I want to do which I love about him. I'm so excited we managed to cross out every single item on my list.

Our first stop was Great Falls Park, I made sure we left New York at the crack of dawn so we can get to Virginia by 9am and have breakfast before going on our little hike.  I first discovered Great Falls Park via instagram, shocking right? It was on my feed and of course I instantly added it into my Foursquare list.  Honestly, what is life without all these social media these days? I seriously use Foursquare (now also with Swarm) on a daily basis, along with twitter and instagram, my most used apps lol. Anyways, back to our trip, after further research, I was definitely excited to go to Great Falls Park especially to see the falls but most of all to see it and experience it with my love. We were also excited to finally play with our recently purchased GoPro and I must say, it's one of the best purchases ever. (According to him "now your family gatherings and pictures will never be the same..." LOL, he knows us so well) It was both our first real hike together, although I don't really count that as a hike, it was really easy to get to and find. However, we did challenge ourselves, we climbed to the top of rocks and then climbed down to get to the river, it was a very fun experience and a great workout, we're already planning our next hiking trip but this time, hiking trails here in NY though. I can't wait, of course all the research is left up to me ! 

After our little hiking trip, it was about 2pm already, we were ready to check in to our room and relax for a little bit before going out for dinner.  After we were settled into our room, we immediately changed into our swimwear and headed to the rooftop pool which surprisingly we had all to ourselves.