January 01, 2015


First, let me start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN! 
I'm not really a fan of making New Year's Resolutions but this year, I'm making more of a list of realistic goals I'd like to accomplish [continue to accomplish] in the new year 2015.

  1. DRINK MORE WATER, less sugary drinks like my favorite orange soda. I'd say I'd give up coffee too but that's not happening, I've already cut down to ONE medium coffee every day (since August) instead of my usual Two Large coffees every day. Baby steps guys...baby steps.
  2. WORK-OUT, never stop moving, never quit.  Now I've been back at the gym non-stop for almost a month now. I was always pretty consistent with working out but for some reason in August, Carlo and I just got so lazy. But now we're back on it and we're not stopping. ABS 2015 WOOHOO! LOL! 
  3. EAT HEALTHIER, this by far has been the hardest thing for me. I LOVE FOOD! But definitely baby steps, I constantly have to remind myself that my metabolism is not how it used to be when I was 21 years old.
  4. SAVE MONEY, I need to stop shopping so much! I seriously have a shopping problem, it's ridiculous. I definitely need to work on money management. But SHOES, shoes are definitely my weakness :(
  5. TRAVEL! I always say this every year and every year I do accomplish this, even if it's little states here and there. So this year I would definitely like to explore more of international waters or more of the United States like out in the West Coast. 
So that concludes my list of goals for the new year, of course I have a few more but those are private and personal for me so I'd like to keep it that way.  I hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous New Year!


December 27, 2014

Plaid & Bailey

Last Saturday was a relaxing day for my fiance and I, after exchanging gifts with one another because we're so impatient LOL.  We headed out to Queens to eat at my favorite filipino restaurant Renee's and to do a little bit of filipino food shopping, you know get the usual Banana Spicy sauce, Spicy Vingear (which he loves) and his favorite Crackling chips.  We always end up leaving with at least 5 bags but on this day someone beat him to it and only left him with 3 bags lololl. 

Anyways, so one of his Christmas gifts for me (which I've been wanting for a few years now) was this Bailey Fedora, I'm in love with it and I can't wait to wear it to death lol I can finally give my Fuschia fedora a break. I deciced to wear my go-to uniform again lol but this time dressed in all black added my plaid scarf from uniqlo, Zara peacoat, my black & red sneaker wedges and Ruby Woo matte lipstick.

So how was everyone's Christmas?

December 22, 2014

Queens Finest

Ahhhhh and just like that, the weekend is over. Thank god for a short work week though !
This past weekend was spent doing a lot of last minute Christmas Shopping, I want to say I'm done but I'd be lying.  It never fails how I wait the very last minute for every thing -_-

This weekend I did finally get a chance to purchase a "Queens Finest" shirt I've been dying to get hands on and I love it ! I paired it with the bred 11's, zara jeans & leather jacket and an H&M beanie.  It's rare these days to see me in sneakers without wedges lol but once in a while, I like to throw on a pair of Jordans, reminds me of how back in the days I was such a "sneaker-head". These days not so much although I still do have a sneaker collection that I can't and won't part with.

December 21, 2014

Go to Uniform

Lately, my go-to uniform has been thick leggings from the Loft and a long sweater with knee-high boots or sometimes even sneaker-wedges. It's the most comfortable thing ever especially since Monday thru Friday I'm in Corporate attire so I definitely like to be on chill mode every chance I get.  I wore this ensemble for his cousin's baby gender-reveal party at the last minute last weekend (12/13).

My most recent and favorite purchase are these knee-high boots which can barely be seen in this picture but if you click on the link, you can see how gorgeous they are, I absolutely love them. It can be worn with everything and I got them for sale in Woodbury Outlets for only $86.50. SCORE! 

oh you know, our usual elevator picture before leaving for the night. HAHA!

December 13, 2014

Lowkey Birthday

Two weeks ago (11/29) was my birthday and just a "small" birthday brunch gathering with family was what I wanted and I got just that. I am forever grateful to be blessed with such an amazing bunch. It's always such a blast when we're all together. 

After brunch, I was so exhausted that I just wanted to go home and rest for a little bit before going out to dinner with his parents. You can tell in these pictures how tired I was lol I really just wanted to stay home and sleep all day and night HAHA!